Humans have forgotten ... we are a part of nature.
Nature will survive without us.   We will not survive without nature.


To reintegrate human nature to engender* self-sustaining diversity.


Recognize our connection with nature
and that nature’s rhythms apply to us.

Reconnect our lives
with the guiding principles of an old growth forest:
1) strength in community
2) resilience in the face of disturbance, and
3) self-sustaining diversity.

Reintegrate humans and nature
in our urban areas, rural communities and in the wilderness. 

a) to give existence to, to produce (living creatures). to give rise to, cause, create
c)  to assume form; come into existence (a situation, quality, result etc.)
syn: bring forth, generate, arouse, hatch, propagate, stimulate, precipitate, excite, spawn